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September 30, 2011
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Mars Flame Sniper by chinako Mars Flame Sniper by chinako
Eternal Sailormars - photo taken at Dragon*Con 2011 by Judith Stephens.

Leotard, wig, and boots were bought online, everything else was made from scratch. The boots were cut at an angle and had ribbon and stars sewed on. I made two circle skirts from Casa fabric and added ribbon for the waist band. The skirts snap onto the leotard to hold their position. Ribbons on back and front were made from a thicker Casa fabric, and then stuffed with foamy to keep their shape. Collar was made from Casa satin and I sewed the pink ribbon onto it. The sleeves are sewn to poof with Casa shiny and the rolls on the gloves/sleeves are staffed with cotton piping to hold there shape. Our Saturn did all the tiaras, earrings, and star brooches.

My brother helped write the kanji on my scroll. He did a lovely job!

Costume Design/Make Up: Me
Character: Eternal Sailor Mars from Bishojou Senshi Sailormoon Stars
Photographer: Judith Stephens
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Sailormars by chinako Sailormars Fire and Water by chinako Akuryo Taisan by chinako Eternal Sailor Mars by chinako
Kronos2501 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice :D
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